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Linda Sanches, founder

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Scaredy Cats TNR is now a Non-Profit! 
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About Us

Scaredy Cats TNR 

Hello, I'm Linda Sanches, a devoted advocate for animals, particularly those who are vulnerable and victims of abuse. While you might find it surprising, I am a proud dog person. However, my true passion lies in assisting those unable to fend for themselves, especially those subjected to mistreatment.

My journey began when I observed colonies of cats in various locations around Carson City. I couldn't help but wonder about their survival, their sleeping conditions, and the absence of the love they rightfully deserve. This led me to take action by volunteering to trap cats for the Humane Society.

For nearly four years now, I've dedicated my time to respond to numerous calls despite the challenges. I am driven by the understanding of their desperate need for even the slightest assistance. It is disheartening to witness these animals in distress, often placed in such predicaments by humans. Trapping for the Humane Society has become my way of making a difference, and I believe it's the least we can do for these feral cats.

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1785 Foothill Road

Gardnerville, NV  89460


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